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USA Holiday - Days 13-15 - Viva las Vegas!

Last entry - we're off home tomorrow!

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USA Holiday - Days 9-12 - Ohio/Los Angeles

Another quick post!

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USA Holiday - days 5-8 - I'm a bit behind!

This is going to be short for the amount of days it's about because I don't have much time on the computer, but I wanted to get something down because I haven't posted about the last four days!!

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WARNING FOR WWoHP SPOILERS in case anyone's bothered by that! (I won't tell you all the details, just enough to frustrate you and make you want to go!) =D
[EDIT: Forgot to put it under a cut, sorry!]

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Friday 8th July 2011
Spent the whole day travelling. At time of writing it's 3:38am on Saturday UK time (10:38pm Friday Florida time!), but I'm surprisingly awake considering we got up at 5am! The flight was okay, but long - I watched Paul (which I've wanted to see for ages - it was hilarious!) and Rango (which was okay!), and listened to some Cabin Pressure (for the nth time!!). I got to sit next to the window, which was awesome to see the ground when taking off and landing, and I got some good pictures! It took a while to get our suitcases back and find our hire car, and then we stopped at the supermarket on our way to the villa. When we arrived, my sister and I jumped straight (not quite literally!) into the pool, which was nice and cool!
America is REALLY weird! There are actually NO small cars - they're all saloons, trucks, or people carrier-types! The road layout is odd too - it's obvious that it's been meticulously planned not that long ago - rather than originally being medieval tracks or Roman roads! The roads are all at right angles to each other - either N-S or E-W. It must make driving really boring - I was getting bored in the back seat! =P Also, some of the fruit and vegetables in the supermarket were absolutely massive (I took pictures!). We also started counting MacDonalds (three!), and noticed that we should probably be counting American flags and Marriot hotels too (three Marriots and uncountable numbers of flags!).
The villa we've got is amazing! It's all on one level, but the ceilings are so high! There's a pool (I don't know if that's standard for a house in Florida) with a bit of a jacuzzi, and enough bedrooms that we can have one each, and it's just really big!!
Tomorrow we're going to the Harry Potter theme park! I can't wait!! XD

Urban Dictionary Quiz

1.) Go to urbandictonary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
2.) Post the 1st definition it gives you.
3.) Tag someone after completion.
(Stolen from someone on DeviantArt

A girl who is awesome in every way, can be shy at times and crazy (especially when she is sugar high) the next, but is always a fun person to be around. She likes to make lists and keep everything in order. She loves to be creative with her stories she writes, and takes too many photos on her camera. She loves to hang out with a group of friends at all times. Reading is her favorite pastime, and she barely ever misses a tv show. You will never regret ever meeting a Laura. She likes to keep everything in order, and makes sure everythings in its place, except not really :). She loves to make up one syllable words and languages out of these words. Her favorite number is 4 and she is really good at remembering numbers. Best Traits: can keep secrets when she wants to, can always cheer people and friends up, knows the right moment when a friends in need.

The age where an American can:
1. Legally buy pornography
2. Legally buy cigarettes
3. Legally gamble in Indian Casinos
4. Legally be concidered an adult
5. Be tried as an adult in a court of law
6. Be drafted for a war they don't believe in
... but still cannot buy alcohol.

to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.

an angel, a princess, your boo, someone special to you, and a perfect person

Used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over.

Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.


Large Town and Borough in South West Engalnd. Famous for it's former GWR railway works.

the birthstone for this month is Opal, but there is also a cheaper Rose Zicron. and it's also the best month ever if your birthday is in it

One of the worst ages of being a teenager. You are in the middle and you wind up with the most problems that age. You are too young to drive without an adult, cannot go to the prom, and get a part time job like real teenagers. Your head is up your ass and one day you are still a kid watching cartoons and another day you'll like to have sex. This is also the age when most teen problems occur such as anorexia and cutting.

How depressing...

A word americans don't know how to spell. Also townies use the phrase 'your mum' as an insult

The only nickname I've ever had: Loo roll ¬ ¬
a british word for toilet paper

How exciting(!)

I TAG: inclination_fic =D

[Also - pinch, punch, first day of the month! It's officially July 1st here!! Now where's that sunshine gone...]
Title: In-Flight Entertainment
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Author: zephyrrdragon 
Characters/Pairings: Martin/Douglas (kind of), Carolyn, Arthur
Rating: PG
Warnings: Bored pilots, complete crack
Length: 436 words

Summary: “Guys, this is to settle another me-being-wrong...”
Notes: Idea stolen from pendingprogress mentioned in the notes for An Equal Opportunities Lothario (which is really good - read it!). This is my first Cabin Pressure fic, and I hope it's not too terrible!!


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So you might have heard about this movie that Benedict Cumberbatch is in called Third Star. It was made 2009/10 I think, and premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2010 where it was the closing film. It was FINALLY released in the UK on the 20th May, but only in certain cinemas. The nearest to me is Warwick Arts Centre and so that's where inclination_fic and I are going tomorrow night!! =D

Here is the summary from the website (and you can also watch the trailer here):

James (Benedict Cumberbatch) wants to make the most of this life – what’s left of it.

He invites his three closest friends to join him on a camping trip to his favourite place in the world. The undertaking, however, is fraught with practical difficulties, surreal encounters and emotionally ravaging revelations. For his best friend Miles (JJ Feild), the trip means wrestling with the gloomy reality that the ones he loves tend to die. For Davy (Tom Burke) it’s about being there and holding the effort together – while for Bill (Adam Robertson) it’s about running away from the mistakes he’s made and the comfortable trap that is his life. Each step of the journey is one step further from the past and to a brave new world about courage, dignity and the beauty that lies in the friendship between these four young men.

Basically, the story sounds amazing, the scenery sounds amazing, Benedict Cumberbatch is guaranteed to be amazing, the other actors look amazing, and the reviews say it is AMAZING!! ALSO, there is a Q&A session afterwards with the ?producer (I think) and 'a member of the cast' who we're obviously hoping to be Benedict!

Also, we've 'met' someone on Twitter who is going tomorrow night and happens to have booked the seats next to us! In her words: 'IT IS MEANT TO BE!' XD

IN OTHER WORDS , TOMORROW IS THE DAY! The last part of The Theory of Relative Causality is being posted AND I get to gaze at Benedict Cumberbatch being awesome! *sighs*

The Theory Of Narrative Causality

I'm sure everyone has seen this already, but just in case...

This is THE best fanfiction (if you can call it that) I have EVER read. It surpasses Steven Moffat in the realms of mind-fucking and is just pure genius and is absolutely AMAZING!!

It is The Theory Of Narrative Causality by anon over at the sherlockbbc_fic prompt meme (part XV)

Prompt: Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author. They meet at a convention; geeky love ensues.

Basically John (jumperfkr ) and Sherlock (cons_detective ) are both fans of Sherlock Holmes (the BBC version not having been idealised [yet?]) and write fanfiction/draw fanart on LiveJournal. They are paired up for the Sherlock Holmes Big Bang (dunno if that's a real thing or not) and so get talking online. Then the rest of the fandom takes great pleasure in shipping them together, add in some mysterious trolls, and you get complete and utter mayhem!! Written in LJ community/journal style. The final part is due to be posted on Tuesday! XD

Why this is awesome: It is too awesome for words. Or at least I can't express the awesomeness. Just. Go. Read. Now.

There are also two (so far) fics-of-fic written by raggedyhipster here and here. There are a few icons floating around too *winks and points to icon* and as well as the two actual journals linked above there is also jim_fromit and miss_toby